• Conditional Fee Agreement Sign Up

    We offer a full and simple document collection service. From full CFA delivery and sign up to simple document collection from clients, we will deal with all of your needs. We specialise in CFA explanation and sign up cases. We will give your client a clear and detailed explanation about the legal implications to them when agreeing to and signing the CFA document and communicate clearly the terms of the CFA as a legal contract between solicitor and claimant.

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  • Liability And Quantum Statements

    We are experienced in obtaining witness statements and gathering together further photographic evidence required as part of a litigation case. Our highly trained agents will use their experience and skills to collate and compile statements and evidence. These agents are qualified and trained in interview and statement techniques. The statements are then vetted in-house for quality purposes before a signature is quickly obtained from your client.

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  • Locus Reports

    We produce detailed, computerised plans of accident scenes, with measurements and the location of relevant traffic signs are provided, together with an album of photographs and a statement of the investigator who conducted the examination.
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Legal and Claims offers a full range of services to Solicitors, Insurance Companies, Claims Management Companies and Corporate Clients for claims validation and liability issues in Road Traffic Collisions, Employer Liability Cases, Public Liability and Personal Injury Cases.

Services we provide include:

• CFA Delivery, Oral Advice and signature
• Liability and/or Quantum Statements
• Independent Witness Statements
• Road Traffic Collision Investigation
• Locus Reports

• Photographic Evidence Gathering
• Accidents at Work Investigation
• Slip, Trips & Falls
• Health & Safety Procedures

All Instructions are carried out to the very highest professional standards. All our services are tailored to the individual needs and objectives of the client.


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"“Legal and Claims offer a timely, accurate and professional service to our clients” " - C.S. (Work Provider)
"“We are delighted with the high quality service we get from the company, and they always meet our SLA timeframes”" – M.H. (Work Provider)